The 8-Step Blueprint 
to Get from Daydream to Opening Day
Open your Indoor Playground in LESS Time and with LESS Stress Than You EVER Thought Possible with this COMPLETE Toolkit and Support
Want an Unfair Advantage & Shortcut to Success?
Here's the reality; 8 out of 10 new businesses FAIL-- and Play Cafe's have an even HIGHER failure rate. 

The reason? Poor planning and lack of guidance- plain and simple. 

Don't make the same mistake that many other Indoor Playground owners have made (who have likely closed their doors) and walk this path alone.

There’s no need to struggle for 2 years (like I did, and like other owners have!) to have a fulfilling and profitable business because I’ve already made ALL the mistakes and learned ALL the tough lessons. 

Could you figure this all out yourself? Sure! But it will take YEARS of making costly mistakes and renovating your space fixing what you got wrong (or changing locations entirely!)-- so don't put you or your family through that stress. Trust me, it can be overwhelming.

Here's ANOTHER reality; Once your indoor playground sees success, people will recognize that and competition WILL start popping up all around you.

Will your business be ready for that? Let me show you how to competition-proof your business right from the start.

I'm sharing ALL my secrets and everything I've learned along the way (including a LOT that will surprise you!) inside Play Cafe Academy.

  • Module 1: Getting Started: How to Get the Most Out Of the Program 
  • Module 2: The Business Plan: How to Write and Pitch a Business Plan that WILL Get Your Business the Funding it Needs. PLUS, how to calculate your revenue streams and MORE!
  • Module 3: Choose a Location: Choosing the Lease, Protecting your Personal Assets, Pitfalls to Look Out for, and BIG Mistakes We Made
  •  Module 4: Get Funding: How to Get the Money You Need to Get your Business Funded, Even if you Have No Savings (YET!)
  •  Module 5: Plan your Space: Planning your Play Area, Cafe, Check-In, and More to ensure MAXIMUM Profitability
  •  Module 6: Get Marketing: Creating the BEST and Highest Converting Website, Email List, and Social Media Strategy to Stand Out
  •  Module 7: Get Ready for Opening Day: Choosing the Best Date, What to MUST Prepare For, How to Tackle Issues As They Arise, and More
  •  Module 8: Moving Forward: How to Measure Success, Make Pivots When Needed, and How to NEVER Find Yourself at a "Dead End"
  • Module 9: The Tutorials: See some of the more advanced techniques (like Facebook Ads for your Business) broken down steo-by-step using screenshare!
  •  Coaching Calls: All past coaching calls have been recorded and are available to watch at anytime, regardless of when you join!
If you don't Take action... Someone else will!
Hear from Some of our Students!

LaTasha, Owner of All About Play

"Michele completely validated and even went beyond what I had in mind of start-up funding. I appreciated how she broke down each line item in detail & did not leave anything up for me to guess. Learning from Michele is an absolute pleasure."

"After completing my first workshop with Michele, I immediately signed up for the next course level. Michelle offers REAL information that will change the way you look at your business. You can apply her tips right away and see positive changes. I highly recommend this course to those driven in their field!"

- Emily S.

"Thank you for this amazing program! We couldn't be doing this without you and PCA!!!"

- Krystyne W.

"Wow!!! I have invested hundreds of dollars in other training and none of them have come close to the training Michele provided my team and I. The content shared was game changing! I look forward to continuing my training!"

- Tara L.

Have a Question that's NOT Covered in the Program? Just Ask in our Collaboration Community!
Play Cafe Academy combines the best of online learning
 AND one-on-one mentorship into one life-changing program! 

  • Access to a One-Hour Group Coaching Call with Michele: Join Michele and a small handful of other Play Cafe Academy students for a one-hour group coaching call where you can ask questions, get ideas, and hear from others who have walked this path before you
  • Access to our Students-Only Facebook Group: Have a Question that's NOT Covered in the Program? Just Ask in our Collaboration Community! 
  • Our Legal Documents: Don't waste money having a lawyer start from scratch! Get access to our party contracts, play waivers, drop-off waivers, and MORE to adapt as your own ($950 value)
  • Our Exact Day-to-Day Templates: Don't waste HOURS coming up with these on your own- steal our staff checklists, employee handbook, policies document, and MORE!
  • Exclusive BONUS Lesson: The 7 "speed bumps" you WILL encounter your first year and how to navigate them successfully. You will learn how to handle things like one-star reviews, firing employees, "copy-cat" businesses, customer injuries and MORE!
  • Our Highest-Converting Emails: Get the exact emails we send to our list of only 1,400 customers to earn about $800 on average PER send ($800 value)
If you don't Take action... Someone else will!
Move Forward with Absolute Confidence
Four years ago I was exactly where you are.

I had just gone back to work after an 11-week maternity leave and I just knew that my life had more meaning than sitting behind a desk.

I knew that I owed it to myself, my husband, and my children to find a way to spend more time together, while still helping provide for our family.

Plus, I wanted them to be proud of me and I wanted to create a legacy that could span generations.

Here's the thing, though-- this business model is it's OWN breed of difficult. There is truly NO way to prepare yourself OR to set your business up for success from the beginning--

UNLESS you learn from someone who has walked this EXACT path before you and has done & seen it all 4 years in.

I would be honored to be your mentor and guide you along this journey. 

YOUR success is just as important to me as my own. I love that my legacy now includes helping others avoid a lot of the mistakes I made, so won't you join me?

See you inside the program! I can't wait to meet you.

P.S. Lots of students take this program and decide this business is NOT for them and use the information to open a DIFFERENT Business-- and that's OK. Either way, this program will give you the clarity to move forward with absolute confidence.
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