Open your own Profitable
Indoor Playground
Let me Take You From Daydream to Opening Day in LESS Time and With LESS Stress Than You EVER Imagined-- Because Not Only Have I Been There, I've Helped Dozens of Others Do The Same!
Open your own Profitable
Indoor Playground
I've Cracked the Code to Success in This Industry -- Now I Help Others Accelerate Their Path to Profits and Avoid The Mistakes MOST Owners Will Make
The ONLY Program You Need to Set Your business up for success from the START
Want an unfair avantage
And shortcut to success?
Here's the reality; 8 out of 10 new businesses FAIL-- and Play Cafe's have an even HIGHER failure rate. 

The reason? Poor planning and lack of guidance- plain and simple. 

Don't make the same mistake that many unsuccessful Indoor Playground owners have made and walk this path alone.

There’s no need to struggle for years to have a fulfilling and profitable business because I’ve already made ALL the mistakes and learned ALL the tough lessons. 

So grab the blueprint you can use to ACCELERATE your success NOW!

Want to join ME in my monthly membership for a FULL online training program, personalized support, and SO much more?

You will have that option too!

Michele Caruana
I own a successful indoor playground (and recently opened our first licensed location!) in Upstate New York. 

Throughout the last 5 years of ownership I have cracked the code and learned exactly what it takes to make this business model profitable-- and I want to share ALL my secrets with you, so you can accelerate your success, realize your dreams, and solidify your legacy.

Let Me Share ALL My Industry Secrets and Years Of Experience With You!*
"That's the Most Valuable Part of this Program. You Don't Know What You Don't Know"
-Thuy P., Owner of House of Playful Soul
Everything You Need for a Profitable 
Indoor Playground- With NO Guess Work!
This online program, combined with the collaboration community and hands-on support (OPTIONAL) is your COMPLETE solution to get on the fast-track to success and profits in your indoor playground business
Develop the Most Efficient Systems to Ensure Work-Life Balance
Plan Your Indoor Playground Space for MAXIMUM Profit and the Best Client Experience
Hire and Train Your Team to Run Your Business Effectively While You Do What You Love
Launch the Marketing Strategy that Will Make Your Business Competition-Proof
What's Included Inside 
Play Cafe Academy?
  • Module 1 Getting Started: How to Get the Most Out Of the Program
  • Module 2 The Business Plan: How to Write and Pitch a Business Plan that WILL Get Your Business the Funding it Needs. PLUS, how to calculate your revenue streams and MORE!
  • ​​Module 3 Choose a Location: Choosing the Lease, Protecting your Personal Assets, Pitfalls to Look Out for, and BIG Mistakes We Made
  • Module 4 Get Funding: How to Get the Money You Need to Get your Business Funded, Even if you Have No Savings (YET!)
  • ​Module 5 Plan your Space: Planning your Play Area, Cafe, Check-In, and More to ensure MAXIMUM Profitability
  • Module 6 Get Marketing: Creating the BEST and Highest Converting Website, Email List, and Social Media Strategy to Stand Out
  • Module 7 Get Ready for Opening Day: Choosing the Best Date, What to MUST Prepare For, How to Tackle Issues As They Arise, and More
  • ​Module 8 Moving Forward: How to Measure Success, Make Pivots When Needed, and How to NEVER Find Yourself at a "Dead End"
  • ​​Module 9 The Tutorials: See some of the more advanced techniques (like Facebook Ads for your Business) broken down step-by-step using screen-share!
  • Module 10 BONUS Lesson: The 7 "speed bumps" you WILL encounter your first year and how to navigate them successfully. You will learn how to handle things like one-star reviews, firing employees, "copy-cat" businesses, customer injuries and MORE!
  • ​​Member Resource Library: Get exclusive access to ALL of the documents we use on a daily basis including our waivers, task lists, employee handbook, email templates, party prep procedures, and MUCH more!
One time payment of $697
so, what if you want to upgrade
To the play maker society?
After purchasing play cafe academy- you will have the option to upgrade to include membership to the play maker society which includes:
  • Monthly Advanced Training from Michele: Advanced training above and beyond what you get in the actual course- plus the FULL archive of past training! Topics include inventory management, how and went to adjust your pricing, how to set your business up to take time off, and MORE!
  • LIVE Monthly Q&A Coaching Call with Michele: Get your questions answered LIVE by Michele and hear what other members in the community are asking to make sure no stone is left unturned! Each session is recorded and uploaded to the course to access any time!
  • Member-Only Collaboration Community: Connect with other members to gain inspiration, new ideas, clarity, and MORE! Any question you're left with can be answered in this valuable community!
  • ​Guest Expert Training: Get Exclusive Access to Trainings from ALL the Experts You Need to Make Your Business a Success. Examples Include a Search Engine Optimization Expert, a Business Process Expert, and MORE!
  • ​​​Recorded Coaching Calls: Get Access to ALL Past Coaching Calls, Workshops, and MORE!
$47 Monthly Payment 
Cancel anytime
So...What Can This Program 
Replace In Your Business?
If you choose to purchase Play Cafe Academy AND Access to the Play Maker Society!
A Business Coach: Get Daily Access to an Industry Expert with Specialized Knowledge in Indoor Playgrounds
A Marketing Team: Learn EXACTLY What Works To Maximize Profits so You'll Never Need to Outsource Marketing
A Mastermind: 
Gain Exclusive Access to a Group of Other Owners who ALL Have Invaluable Insight
Save Thousands of Dollars Every Single Month!
Get the Unfair Advantage Other Owners WISH They Had*
Hear from Some of Our Current Play-Maker Society Members
Michelle - Lil' Rompers Play Place
"Michele exceeds my expectations every time we have a question. If you are considering opening an indoor playground, this is where you need to be. You're going to get all the support and all the help you need. You will not be disappointed if you join this program!"
Sydney, Tiffany, & Alicia
See a tour of Sydney's newly opened space and ear from Tiffany & Alicia, both getting ready to open!

Get The Complete Blueprint to Success NOW
Make the Investment in your Life & Family's Future
Move Forward with 
Absolute Confidence
Almost 5 years ago I was exactly where you are.

I had just gone back to work after an 11-week maternity leave and I just knew that my life had more meaning than sitting behind a desk.

I knew that I owed it to myself, my husband, and my children to find a way to spend more time together, while still helping provide for our family.

Plus, I wanted them to be proud of me and I wanted to create a legacy that could span generations.

Here's the thing, though-- this business model is it's OWN breed of difficult. There is truly NO way to prepare yourself OR to set your business up for success from the beginning--

UNLESS you learn from someone who has walked this EXACT path before you and has done & seen it all 4 years in.

I would be honored to be your mentor and guide you along this journey. 

YOUR success is just as important to me as my own. I love that my legacy now includes helping others avoid a lot of the mistakes I made, so won't you join me?

See you inside the program! I can't wait to meet you.

P.S. Lots of students take this program and decide this business is NOT for them and use the information to open a DIFFERENT Business-- and that's OK. Either way, this program will give you the clarity to move forward with absolute confidence.

Have Questions?
So what can I access once I join for $697?

You will immediately unlock complete access to the entire 10-module (plus 2 bonus module) online program with nearly 60 video lessons for you to watch at your convenience. 

You will also receive access to our student-resource library (with all of the amazing bonuses listed here) AND a course workbook to make the information even easier to implement.

You will have LIFETIME access to all of these materials.
How do I access the monthly trainings and Q&A calls?

If you choose to upgrade to include access to the Play Maker Society, I email out the link to join each Q&A call ahead of time. They are hosted on zoom and recorded so anyone who misses the call can watch the replay after (all replays are uploaded to the course).

Every advanced monthly training will become available inside your course modules! Existing members can login at the top of this page.

Where is the students-only collaboration community and how do I access it?

As soon as you sign-up as a Play Maker Society member (NOT included in the $497 price) you will receive access  the collaboration community which is hosted in a private Facebook group.

As soon as we verify your membership you will be approved to join the group!

Inside the group, you will find the 100+ other current members who are walking the SAME path as you and who are ready & willing to provide insight and help whenever needed. 

What is the Difference Between Play Cafe Academy and the Play Maker Society?

Play Cafe Academy is an online training program you complete at your own pace (you get lifetime access when you purchase) without any personal assistance or additional guidance outside of the pre-recorded lessons from the instructor (me, Michele!).  

After you purchase Play Cafe Academy, you will have the option to become a member inside the Play Maker Society, which is a group of 100+ other motivated entrepreneurs who have also gone through the program, many of whom have opened already!

Play Maker Society is where all of the group coaching, Q&A, advanced monthly trainings, guest expert trainings, and collaboration with other members takes place!
Can I JUST Purchase Access to The Play Maker Society?

No. With one exception.

If you have already opened your facility and can prove that you have been open to the public for a MINIMUM of 3 months, you can apply to purchase access to the Play Maker Society without purchasing Play Cafe Academy. We approve applications on a case-by-case basis. Simply email for an application. 

If you are NOT currently open-- you MUST purchase Play Cafe Academy before being able to become a Play Maker Society member. 

There is SO much to be learned inside Play Cafe Academy and the Play Maker Society advanced trainings assume you already are equipped with that knowledge. There are NO other exceptions, so please do not apply to bypass Play Cafe Academy if you are NOT already open.

Have Other Questions?

Just EMAIL me at and I would be happy to help answer them!
If I Sign Up, Will I Have to Open a Climbing Vines Cafe & Play Franchise?

NO! This program is designed to help you open your OWN concept. The information in this program is highly adaptable to different sizes, styles, and types of indoor playgrounds, and will be immensely helpful no matter WHERE you live!

Must I Decide NOW If I Want to Upgrade to Include Play Maker Society Access?

NO! You will lock-in any price you join at for life, so I won't guarantee the $47 monthly price will be around for long, but you do NOT have to upgrade right now! You can upgrade as you wish, at whatever the price is at that time. The price will NEVER be lower.
Peek Inside our Play Maker Society
Inside our members-only group, we're always learning from each other! Every single day there are new questions and topics of discussion and the unique perspective and ideas offered by the diverse members is absolutely invaluable to any business owner or prospective owner!
Do yOU Want to Join This Elite Group of Entrepreneurs working towards the same goal?
So, Why Should You Trust Me to be YOUR Guide?
While I don't have ALL the answers-- I do have 5 years of hands-on experience and tough lessons under my belt, and I am passionate about helping others AVOID the same mistakes myself and SO many other business owner's make.

 Even though I have a Master's Degree in Economics and Years of Business and Marketing experience, it took me YEARS to "crack the code" and turn my Indoor Playground from an expensive hobby into a business-- and I want to get YOU there in less time and with much less stress. This business is unique and success isn't easy-- so I want to share ALL my secrets with YOU
- Michele Caruana, Creator of Play Cafe Academy and owner of Climbing Vines Cafe & Play
Up-and-Coming Business Person of the Year, 2018 -Rochester Small Business Association  
Over 400+ satisfied entrepreneurs have purchased my digital education products and I am happy to say that the collaboration community of members is thriving with inspiration and motivation!
Retail Marketing Champion of the Year, 2018- Victor Economic Development Committee 
"Let's Set your Business Up for Success... Together"
Join today and upgrade to include play maker society membership and i will be the first to welcome you inside the community!
Does This Sound Familiar?
These are some of the more common things I hear from people in my inbox who aren't sure Play Cafe Academy is for them.
#1: "I'm not ready to enroll in the Play Cafe Academy program yet because I have to wait until I ___."
First of all, the timing to make a change will never feel "perfect". Have you ever heard the proverb that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the SECOND best time is TODAY? 

That's how I honestly feel about investing in yourself. 

One thing I hear from current members is that their only regret is that they waited TOO LONG to join. That's because the strategies I teach (like how to raise money even if you're 2-3 years away from a possible opening) are meant to do things the right way- not the quick way.

#2: "But I'm not sure I want to open an indoor playground"
This is definitely the most common one I hear. And here's the good news. If this is YOU, then I made the Play Cafe Academy program FOR YOU.

I know what it's like to have a dream in my heart for YEARS, constantly wondering "what if". What if I went for it? What if it was a success? What if it was a failure?

Well, this program takes ALL the guess work out. You will get to hear ALL the honesty I have (and I've got a lot!) about making it in this industry AND hear from members who have opened, and what life is like on the other side.

We are our own little tribe and the support is incredible. Even if people decide the business is NOT for them-- at least they took a chance and at least now they know. 

Trust me, you do NOT want to live the rest of your life wondering, "what if?"
#3: "But I don't have the money"
The amount of value you will get for that price is SO worth it. Sell a few old dresses on Facebook Marketplace, babysit for a few hours, but do whatever you have to do. YOU are worth the investment. 

One common theme among the current members is that if they REALLY want something-- they find a way to get it-- and they truly amaze me every day.

Business takes drive and requires you to get out of your comfort zone and really make an effort to learn from someone who has walked the path before you and has proven results. So if you can't find a way to get the $89-- this may not be meant to be anyway.

I get it-- I was there once too. I was miserable at my corporate 9-5 and taking a chance on a business coach felt so self-indulgent at the time and I was terrified as I entered those credit card numbers in.

BUT it turns out that by giving myself the gift of that education and experience, I changed the lives of my children and husband for the better and I am SO grateful every day I took that chance (and lemme tell ya, it was WAY more than few thousand dollars that I invested (YES- most business coaches are THOUSANDS of dollars!)).
I also wanted to share an excerpt of a post from a member of PCA who opened her facility recently...
She posted it after an unfortunate incident at her facility that she was luckily completely prepared for thanks to the program.

"This isn't meant to "toot my own horn" at all but rather to show you what's possible.

If you are feeling like you were "made for more" and want to know, once and for all, if this business is something you'd like to pursue-- I URGE you to check out the program, even if it's just for one month.

I guarantee that even if you decide to not move forward-- you will learn more than you could have ever imagined in a single month and feel so inspired by the incredible entrepreneurs you'll meet-- who are all just striving to give their families the BEST life possible.

"Michele has been nothing short of AMAZING. Had I not found PCA, I definitely would not be here. Just over a year ago, I was sad, depressed and feeling like I wasn't living a fulfilling life. Not to mention the toll it was taking on my kids. I only decided to move forward in January. Read that again JANUARY (2019)! The road has been rocky, but her blogs, modules and responses here have taught me so much, including how to take these blows...wait, and then respond with dignity. We're all here for a reason. We all have a passion for what we are doing, and as I read your "why," I truly feel a part of a tribe. We are all in different places on our journey, but I wish each and every one of you success." -PCA Member Michelle C., August 15th

All The Tools You Need So You Never Need to Wonder "What If" Again...
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